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the veil of illusion

How the world sees you depends entirely on how you see the world…

"Everyone, at some stage, finds themselves searching for that perfect person they believe exists who will make them feel whole. When you find yourself looking for that person find yourself first, or it will be a search without end…"

Being at peace with yourself means accepting and loving who you really are, perceived imperfections and all. Only then can you accept and love others with their perceived imperfections because no barriers of fear will be in the way to block your feelings, nor to will you to jeopardise or sabotage your relationships. As an authentically-empowered person you can share your newfound freedom with another self-realised person because love flows freely and unconditionally between you, devoid of ego boundaries and self-imposed expectations and limitations.

People fall out of love if they were not really at peace with who they are to start with and so, on a subconscious level, were looking for someone to fill an unhealed void within. Unresolved baggage hidden beneath the initial blinding glare of love always pulls up at the door eventually, and the pain and demons accumulated over a lifetime can only be suppressed for so long before bursting through to dissipate the love and sever the connection. For authentically-empowered people it takes little effort to stay in love, because love is their natural state.

Focusing awareness on the voice inside your head that dictates your thoughts and actions – the ego – quietens and stills the mind and releases you from your internal prison.

Arrival at that place of self-awareness, stillness and serenity naturally makes you at peace with yourself and oneness with the world. No longer do you seek the rush of blaming others for your misfortune or are addicted to the chemical high that arises when you make others wrong, and the thought of controlling or using force against another simply never arises. Maintain obsolete, out-moded values and beliefs, a fragmented consciousness and a self-centred spirit, however – in other words, by failing to be self-aware and seeing clearly how the ego's same old way of doing things ensnares you in a web of self-deceit and suffering from which you can't seem to extract yourself – and life continues to be filled with trauma, heartache and a despairing feeling of loneliness, ultimately going nowhere and revolving around power struggles and the same old same old…

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got…"

It takes a major shift in outlook and in the way you view yourself to create the change you need to move forward, but the key to self-awareness and change is to simply be the change you desire; if you want more love and joy in your life, then project those qualities to the world in order to magnetise them back to you.

A genuine willingness and desire to change an unsustainable situation may be precipitated by a moment of profound clarity and deep knowing of what needs to change. This miraculous insight is known as an epiphany; as though a veil of illusion has been subtley lifted that enables you to vividly see, in a split second, how you have been living a lie and what needs to change, and which many addicted to crystal meth and other chronic addictions like sex, gambling and alcohol have professed to receiving in their darkest hour of despair. Some speak of their soul being awakened; of a voice within offering hope and urging them to seek help, "Like a spiritual flash that changed the way I viewed myself…"

12-Step programs aid the addict to commence the process of accepting and loving himself by encouraging him to identify and confront the underlying reasons why he would willingly use a dangerous substance like crystal meth in the first place, and can provide a springboard from the blackest despair into the brightest light. Many have discovered an entire new dimension to their lives through such programs; a profound sense of love and respect for themselves and others and a state of mind which renders it impossible to even contemplate willful acts of self-sabotage, harm and destruction.

A profound lack of love and self-respect – fear – governs all underlying causes and triggers of addiction and self-destructive behaviours, yet how we live our lives – whether we abuse meth, have risky sex and/or place unpenetrable layers of armour around our hardened hearts – comes down, simply, to choice.

Heaven and hell are realities we create for ourselves here and now with the actions we take as a result of how we choose to perceive and react to people and events around us. We disempower and limit ourselves when we choose to play the victim by allowing ourselves to be controlled and pulled along by external forces and events, blaming and judging others for where we are in the world while failing to take responsibility for the choices and actions that got us there. We empower ourselves and realise our infinite potential when we choose to take control of, and responsibility for, our lives and become creators of our own destiny; when we make decisions and act in ways that are true to ourselves and harm no-one else; and when we realise that the cause of our problems and source of our unhappiness is not outside of us, but within…

Identifying and healing the causes of emotional pain is key to overcoming addictive, compulsive and obsessive behavioural patterns, and the foundation for spiritual growth.

In choosing to ignore our pain and being slaves to the ego, all thoughts and actions are referenced from past painful but limited experiences and unfounded fear of what the future may hold, and meaning and purpose flow out of life in the present moment. In choosing to heal and reconnect to the heart and its unlimited supply of authentic power – i.e. when we align the personality to the soul – life fills with meaning, purpose, clarity and joy, and each moment is created in the present moment, here and now, from a blank canvas; a space where that nagging voice no longer dictates our responses and actions, allowing us to freely and lovingly express our true selves and realise our purpose and infinite potential.

An empowered, purposeful life or meth? The choice is yours…

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• THE SOUL BENEATH THE SKIN: The Unseen Hearts And Habits of Gay Men by David Nimmons;

• A STRANGER AMONG FRIENDS by David Mixner (autobiography) – How a man who was crippled by his fears of being gay came to be labeled "the most powerful gay man in America by Newsweek";

THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle – How to consciously tame the ego and live in the present;

• NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle – How the unmasking and shattering of the ego will eventually lead humanity into a new age of conscious, enlightened living;

• GETTING IN THE GAP by Dr Wayne W Dyer – Meditation made easy, with guided CD;

• CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD by Neale Donald Walsch – Not the corrupted, divisive God of most religions; this international bestseller asks the questions that we all ponder about life, and reveals the answers in breathtaking clarity. It has helped put thousands on their paths to empowerment;

• CULTURE JAM: How to Reverse America's Suicidal Consumer Binge by Kalle Lasn;

• NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR by George Orwell;

• SEAT OF THE SOUL / HEART OF THE SOUL / MIND OF THE SOUL by Gary Zukav – Concise, easy-
read books on, respectively: authentic empowerment;
listening and reacting to your feelings; taking responsibility for your choices and breaking free from victim mode;

• LIFE OUTSIDE by Michelangelo Signorile – A devastating expose of the fear-based nihilism of the circuit and the so-called 'cult of masculinity';

• THE DA VINCI CODE by Dan Brown – Bestselling action/adventure novel that exposes the facade of Christian history, detailing the manipulated suppression of the sacred feminine (heart) energy and the ruthless corruption of humanity by the domineering masculine (ego) energy.

• As of 1 January 2006