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How To Use Stinger Detox Mouthwash (Full Review Included)

how to use stinger detox mouthwash

I’m going to tell you exactly how to use Stinger detox mouthwash to pass an oral drug test. This is a full Stinger detox mouthwash review that will tell you everything you need to know.



I will cover why oral drug tests are dangerous, and how they are done. We’ll talk about drug detection times in saliva, and general strategies you can use to pass a mouth swab drug test.



Then, I’ll tell you how to use Stinger detox mouthwash and the results you can expect. We will also compare Stinger mouthwash to what, in my experience, is the best saliva-neutralizing mouthwash.



I’ll finish with my own views on mouthwashes generally, and tell you about an alternative strategy that worked for me.



Why Oral Drug Tests Are So Dangerous & When You Could Face One


Oral drug testing isn’t dangerous in one way. Drug metabolites only hang around in saliva for a short space of time, mostly only a couple of days.



The problem is that they can be administered almost on the spot. On top of that, anyone with a little training can do it. That means police by the roadside, on the spot testing at work, at the end of a job interview, during probation hearings, basically anywhere and anytime.


So if you’re not prepared, if you haven’t got something like Stinger detox mouthwash with you, then you could get caught out badly.


How Long Are Drug Metabolites Detectable In Saliva?


These are average detection times. Remember average means moderate use, if you are a heavy and regular user of crystal meth or something similar, then you need to add a few days onto these times.



Remember, those are average, moderate use, detection times. If you are daily weed smoker then it could be a couple of days longer.


Also, be wary of benzodiazepines. If they are fast release, it’s not so bad. But if they are slow-release, then you could test positive for up to 2 weeks.



How To Use Stinger Detox Mouthwash


Now you can see the problem with the oral drug test, let’s talk about using Stinger detox mouthwash successfully. Just how good is it?



These are the steps you should take to pass an oral drug test using it:



  1. If you’ve got noticed, even a few hours, brush your teeth frequently. Concentrate on the gum line and under the tongue. This is where drug metabolites gather. Also, chew gum and drink plenty of water. All this gets rid of metabolites held in the mouth and moves polluted saliva in and out of the mouth more quickly.
  2. Sip a little of the contents of the mouthwash bottle. About 20% is right here. Then swill that liquid around in the mouth for one minute. Make sure you use your tongue to work the liquid around the gum line, then spit it out.
  3. Repeat that process five times until the bottle is completely empty.
  4. Don’t eat or drink anything after this and get your sample submitted as quickly as possible.


stinger detox mouthwash

So How Long Does Stinger Detox Mouthwash Last To Pass A Drug Test?



You’ll want to submit your sample within 30 minutes, although Stinger detox make no claim on how long you will be toxin free for. For some people, who have high levels of toxins in the body from recent drug use, it could be as little as 15 minutes.



For lower your levels of toxins, the less recent they are, and the more prep time you have to clean out toxins, as I have mentioned above, we all affect how long Stinger detox mouthwash will last.



How Good Is It? Does Stinger Mouthwash Really Work?



Any good Stinger detox mouthwash review conclusion has to tell you not only how to use it, but whether Stinger mouthwash really works.



I’ve not used this in a real drug test. Online research has shown that some people have passed, but it doesn’t seem to have a great track record.



I do know one person who used it three years ago. I’m not sure if the formula has changed, but it’s the only real world anecdotal evidence I have. They used it for a pre-employment drug test.



It was one of those open day recruitment things, where people are interviewed throughout the day, and then they went and did a drug test after the interview. After the interview, she went to the toilet and used the mouthwash, and then waited for her turn, which thankfully came in 10 minutes.



She passed the drug test. However, she was a very light marijuana smoker, so I’m not quite sure how relevant that example is.



Looking at third-party websites where it’s sold, reviews are very mixed. And some of them are obviously faked.



This is the same vibe I got from Stinger detox drinks. Those are awful quality, with tons of fake reviews and lots of people saying they failed.



My concern is that the “proprietary blend” listed on the back of the mouthwash bottle is exactly the same for ingredients as in Stinger detox drinks. I don’t see how those can neutralize toxins in the mouth, when they are designed to draw more toxins out through the kidneys as well. That is chalk and cheese; completely different things.



For me, Stinger detox is just the same liquid in every single thing they make. They just relabel it, and tell you it’s going to pass a drug test. I don’t think there is any real evidence it works.



So, if you’re wondering where to buy Stinger detox mouthwash, my recommendation is don’t.



In My Experience This Is The Best Detox Mouthwash


If you want a standard mouthwash that’s cost-effective, then Toxin Rid Rescue Wash from Test Clear is the best of the bunch. It’s far better for neutralizing toxins, simply because it actually contains ingredients that are proven to do so.


It’s very affordable, actually costing five dollars less than the Stinger detox mouthwash ($34.95 Vs $29.95).


You drink half of the liquid, swirl it around in your mouth, and spit it out. Repeat it with the other half, and you should be neutralized for up to 30 minutes. The real problem for me with mouthwash products is that you have a volume of liquid to spit out, and you have a bottle to smuggle in and hide/dispose of after.


If it’s not on the spot, if you have a little notice, it’s not a problem. But what you do if you are facing a mouth swab drug test at short notice, which is often the case.



#1 Strategy To Pass An Oral Drug Test Under Any Circumstances And Pressure


Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is the 100% best way to pass a saliva drug test in any circumstances.



For a start, it’s not a mouthwash. There’s no volume of liquid, and there’s no bottle to deal with.



Oral Clear, unlike Stinger detox mouthwash, is just a small capsule of concentrated liquid. You can cup it in the palm of your hand to conceal that, keep it in your pocket, and use in your mouth in one discreet action.



It’s basically a concentrated mouthwash in a capsule. You break the capsule in your mouth, move the liquid around, working into the gums with your tongue, and then you swallow the liquid and the capsule.



It neutralizes you for up to 15 minutes. There’s no evidence you have used it, and if you are discreet, you could even use it with somebody in the room with you, or approaching your car by the roadside.



Compare that to the instructions on how to use Stinger detox mouthwash, where it takes up to 10 minutes to (allegedly) neutralize your saliva.


Let’s say you are facing a pre-employment drug test. After your interview, you are told they want to do a mouth swab drug test. In most circumstances, that’s a game ender.



With this, you discreetly put your hand in your pocket, and pull out the capsule in the palm of your hand. You cough a couple of times and put your hand your mouth, pushing the capsule discreetly in.



Holding your hand or fist of your mouth pretending that you are still struggling to cough, you pop the capsule, and you move it around in your mouth. Because there’s so little liquid to deal with you can just keep doing it. Practice rolling your tongue around the inside of your mouth with your mouth closed right now, to see how easy it is.



Even if someone sees you, you can cough a bit, and then swallow it. You can just say sorry, I choked a bit on my gum I had in the side of my mouth and I wanted to swallow it for the drug test.



So as you can see, Oral Clear gum from a tactical point of view, compared to anything else, is perfect.



The downside is it costs $90 for a single capsule. But what’s the point in spending just $34.95 on Stinger mouthwash if you can hardly use it and it doesn’t really work?

How To Pass A Drug Test For Meth: Oral, Urine, And Hair Drug Testing Methods Explained

how to pass a drug test for meth

I want to talk to you today about one simple thing: how to pass a drug test for meth. Meaning, how to get around a drug test when you have meth in your body.


I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. How long meth stays in your system, and if you can test for meth using a home drug test to see if you are positive or not.


I’m then going to talk you through the method you can use to get rid of meth, or at least disguise it in your body, when you are facing oral (mouth swab) drug testing, urine drug testing, or even the really tough and invasive hair drug test.


How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?


Unfortunately, there’s no real way to tell you exactly how long meth stays in your system. That’s because there are so many variables:


  • How much you’ve taken and when
  • How much you’ve taken over what period
  • How large the doses
  • How quickly your body processes things
  • Your general health
  • Other things you are taking slowing down removal
  • Your age


So it’s impossible to say that if you up for a urine sample drug test that meth will not be detectable in it after three days, it’s just not that simple.


Typically, if you are a very moderate user (a couple of times per week), then you won’t have any in your system to detect after the following amount of time:


  • Meth detection time in blood: up to 3 days
  • Meth detection time in urine: up to 5 days
  • Meth detection time in hair: 90 days
  • Meth detection time in saliva: up to 3 days


If you’re a heavy user, you can definitely add a couple of days to the urine time, and one or two days to the saliva time.


Meth detection time in hair is always 90 days because they take a sample from close to your scalp and only test the previous 90 days growth (1.5 inches).


How Do Drug Tests Detect Methamphetamine (And Which Ones)?


All drug tests work in the same way. Drugs selected by whoever is paying for the test are put onto a panel. Meaning, a reactive panel tests and reacts to the presence of the type of drug.


This can be a digital panel test, or a physical one where they are actual panels that react.


Whatever type it is, they will detect meth use as long as the meth metabolites are there, and that they are above the cut-off level (the minimum amount that it detects, basically the sensitivity of the test).


The bad news is that methamphetamine is looked for on every drug test. Even the basic test looks for amphetamines, methamphetamines, and MDMA, all from a single panel.


So whatever type of drug test you are facing, you are going to be found out if you have meth in your system.

How To Do An At Home Drug Test For Meth


You can get an at home drug test for meth. They are reliable and have a decent cut-off level (around 1000 ng/milliliter).


If you are up for a drug test, I would actually advise you to buy a couple of these home drug tests. You can get cheap panel drug tests, and the five-panel test will test for meth, or you can buy a panel test that only looks for meth (a dedicated meth home drug test kit).


You’ll want to take one on the morning of the test, around five hours before, to see if you are positive.

Then, if you are intending to use a detox drink to pass the test you’ll need another one to take an hour afterward to see if the detox drink has definitely worked to mask the toxins.


How To Pass A Drug Test For Meth – Urine


The most common type of drug test is a urine drug test. Cheap, effective, and difficult to fool a modern drug testing lab administering one. Most urine drug testing is unsupervised. That means you won’t be seen. You will be going to another room, into a cubicle, or at least behind a screen.


However, if it’s for probation, custody, or the courts, it could be supervised. This may be directly observed, or just supervised where somebody is in the room. If it is, then you cannot use fake


Synthetic urine is the easiest way to pass any type of urine drug test though. Get yourself a good quality brand like Sub Solution, Quick Luck, or if you are on a budget, Quick Fix.


Quick Luck is the best, and then Sub Solution. Both are very high-quality, containing 14 things found in urine. The only real difference is that Quick Luck is premixed while Sub Solution is a powder. As well as the basics like urea, uric acid, and is balanced for pH and specific gravity, they also look and smell like urine.


Better than that though, both it and use heat activator powder. This means you don’t need to use heat pads or have access to heat sources like a microwave.


Just before you go in, tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder and shake gently until it dissolves. This agitation will raise the temperature and keep it within that temperature zone for about 15 minutes. Just check the temperature strip to make sure it shows a reading.


Quick Fix is the cheap option, costing less than half the price of Sub Solution at around $30 – $40. Not as good, but it will pass a basic pre-employment drug test or similar.


The second option, which is your only option if it’s an observed drug test, is to use a detox drink.


Ideally, you’ll want to try and not take any drugs for two or three days beforehand to allow chance your body to push out some of the metabolites so there are less on the day of your test. You can speed this process up with high-quality detox pills called Toxin Rid.


About 90 minutes before the time you are to submit your sample at, drink the detox drink and urinate three times ove

r the next 30 minutes. That will push out the toxins, and the new urine will be balanced and toxin free for a few hours.


Do a home drug test before you leave to make sure you are clean, and then submit your sample as quickly as possible. More toxins in your body, the quicker they will pass into your urine though, so get there and submit it quickly.


Rescue Cleanse is undoubtedly the best detox drink. Costing only $55 or so, it’s a good formula that is updated regularly. I’ve used it to pass to drug tests in my time, and I know plenty of other people who have had success with it as well, even as regular daily weed smokers.

urine test for meth

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Meth


The second most common type of drug test is the oral drug test. These are dangerous because they don’t need to be submitted at a specialist center, nor do they need to be analyzed by a specialist. With 10 minutes of training, anyone can administer them. They can also administer them anywhere. That means by the roadside, or on the spot for probation, or pre-employment.


The best way to pass is Oral Clear gum. It’s a small capsule of concentrated mouthwash. You pop the capsule in your mouth, swill it around, focusing on the gum line with your tongue, and then you swallow everything.


Even with someone in the room, it’s possible to do this. Cough, within the palm of your hand, place your hand of your mouth, and put in. Then cough a couple of other times while you are holding your hand in your mouth.


Even if they suspect something, there’s no physical evidence because you have swallowed it. You can say it’s regular gum. It will keep you neutralized for about 15 minutes.


The second best option is Toxin Rid mouthwash. Basically the same as Oral Clear, but not as concentrated. It’s also in a small bottle, rather than a discrete capsule.


The principle is similar; you just swill the liquid around in your mouth and neutralize the drug toxins. However, you can’t swallow that much liquid so easily without retching, and you have to dispose of the tiny bottle. So it’s not effective in on-the-spot situations.


How To Pass A Hair Drug Test For Meth


If you are facing a hair drug test, which could be for something serious, and you want to get meth out of your hair, then the only way to do is the Macujo method.


It’s an invasive method that takes several days, because you’ll have to run through it several times.

It’s also not cheap because you need some specialist shampoo that costs $240 a bottle. But it’s the only proven way that gets all drug metabolites out of your hair without damage to your hair and scalp being obvious to the person taking the sample.


Just to finish here by telling you that if you want to get off meth, and you want to take something that makes you feel good and offset the pain of meth use, but that doesn’t appear on drug test, then look at kratom.

A good dose (4-5 g) of excellent quality red kratom will really give you a smooth and happy feeling, chill you out, and takeaway physical pain.